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In 1934 the Yerington 20-30 Club (motto: "Youth to be served must Serve") decided that 30 year old members were no longer youths.  The ousted 30 year old members came up with the idea of forming a Rotary club in the Fall of 1934.  Weekly meetings were held to discuss the idea and begin the organization process.  The initial formative meeting for what was to become The Rotary Club of Yerington was held on Jan. 3, 1935 in the 20-30 Club House.  Several Rotarians from Reno were in attendance to furnish information about Rotary. 

Charter night for the new Club was held June 29, 1935.  District Governor Herb Walton together with Rotarians from Carson, Minden, Reno and Fallon were present. 

Charter members of the Club were:
    John E. Beaupert
    Virgil Bernard
    Henry K. Bobroff
    Manuel Cunha
    Walter Cox
    Amos Fabri
    Louis Fabri
    W. J. Gritton
    Hugh Henrichs
    H. C. Hansen
    Louis Isola
    Earl Mayes
    Melio Maionchi
    E. M. Macdonald
    John R. Ross
    Linford Riley
    J. W. Schendel
    Fred Strosnider.