The Yerington Rotary Club has completed many projects in its life time.  Rotary members have repaired bleachers at YHS foot ball field, purchased materials for ROP students to build bleachers donated to the County Fair Grounds.  They oiled the parking areas on the sides of Main Street when the State paved down the middle of the street.  They have done many park projects including much of the equipment at the Rocket Park next to the swimming pool and more recently donated and helped plant trees along the perimeter of Mountain View Park.  The most ambitious Rotary Project was the beautification of a dusty area on Bridge Street turning it into the current park area next to the South Lyon Medical Center.  The Centennial Clock in front of the downtown Post Office Building was a Rotary Project (funded with help from the Walker River Basin Communities Foundation).  The "Gateway to the Jeanne Dini Cultural Center" sign arching over the intersection of Littell Avenue and Main Street was a Rotary Project.  The photo albums listed below provide some pictures of a few of these projects.