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The original scholarships awarded by the Yerington Rotary Club are 4 year scholarship that can be used at any 4 year college institution and 2 year scholarship (named for former member John Giomi) that can be used at any 2 year college program or at a trade school program.  The money can be used for whatever expenses the recipient wishes and there are no restrictions on what majors the student must pursue.  We currently offer two 4 year and two 2 year scholarships each year.  The 4 year scholarships carry an award of $1,000 per year for four years and the 2 year scholarships carry an award of $500 per year for 2 years.
As a result of the generosity of a former member, Malcolm Rountree, the Yerington Rotary Club is also able to award two 4 year scholarships to students pursuing degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics.  This scholarship currently carries an award of $5,000 paid over the 4 years. 
The Yerington Rotary Club also awards a scholarship (the Michael Hardesty Scholarship) to a student pursuing training in a vocational field such as heating, air conditioning or electrical.  This scholarship carries an award of $500 per "semester" for 1 or 2 years (depending on the length of the program).